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Murphy Property Tax Consulting has spent years developing a process that usually produces results for its clients. Our thorough grounding in this process allows us to offer our services to you on a purely contingent basis. Here’s a high-level overview of how it works:

  1. Interview: This is the first phase of discovery. We will ask you about your specific tax needs and objectives, while also learning about your business and real estate holdings.
  2. Collect: Continuing our discovery, we begin to gather all pertinent property information, including operating data, and work with you to minimize your time and documentation requirements.
  3. Inspect: Murphy will perform a detailed on-site physical inspection of your property. This is a critical precursor to the valuation we will create and helps us verify— or dispute—the assessor’s records. It can also reveal crucial obsolescence issues that can be functional or economic—or involve other property characteristics that impact value.
  4. Valuation: After a review of the assessor’s valuation methodology, we will perform an internal appraisal analysis to determine if the assessor’s value is "fair market value.
  5. Recommend: At this point, our discovery has concluded, allowing us to present our analysis and recommendations to you. We will establish a tax position for the property and give you guidance relative to your appeal. In some cases, an appeal is not warranted. In many, it is. Either way, you pay us nothing at this point.
  6. Present: If an appeal is warranted, we will informally present our appeals to our colleagues in the assessor’s office. If appropriate, we will then offer a formal appeal to the respective county board.
  7. Advise: As always, we will stay in close contact with you and communicate the results of our efforts. We will also apprise you as to the results we have achieved or advise you as to the prospects of pursuing further relief via the state administrative board or courts.
  8. Save: At the conclusion of this complicated, time-intensive process, the hopeful result is significant savings for you! If we are successful in our efforts—only then—we are paid out of those savings.

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