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Eliminate confusion surrounding new Missouri property tax legislation and reduce your business personal property taxes by up to 25%. . .or even more!

New property tax legislation creates confusion—and opportunity
Recently, the state of Missouri enacted the most sweeping changes in the valuation methodology and reporting of business personal property in the last two decades. Along with these changes, comes significant confusion—confusion that forces you to place a premium on getting your declarations right—right now.

Improper entries and misclassifications will cost your company valuable time and, of course, money. And—let’s face it—nobody likes paying taxes they don’t need to pay. Let Murphy Property Tax Consulting help you avoid overpayment in personal property taxes. We have a thorough understanding of the revised tax code and unrivaled expertise in personal property valuation. We can help you avoid the needless waste of precious capital on taxes you never should have paid. What’s more—it costs you nothing to use our services. You don’t pay a dime unless we help you save money. Period.

Our focus is to help companies like yours reduce their tax burden by effectively appealing personal property tax assessments. We’ve helped a multitude of clients save hundreds of thousands of dollars! In fact, we’ve reduced property taxes anywhere from 15% to 50%! And it gets better…

The new tax codes have actually created even greater opportunities for savings. The new codes were intended to foster uniform assessment of business personal property in Missouri. However, changes related to the following portions of the code actually have served to foster confusion instead:
• Original Cost/Installation Cost
• Placed in Service
• Class Life/Recovery Life
• Salvage or Scrap Value

With Murphy on your side, we can help you turn these confusing changes into greater tax savings.

Research-based results
Personal property tax appeals can be exceptionally complicated. If your company just runs asset reports and updates business personal property declarations, you’re leaving significant money on the table. When you enlist Murphy, you’re enlisting a team of experts who understand depreciation schedules—and know how to argue that they are not equal to market value. Many assessors try to make the case that market value is simply your cost, less depreciation. More importantly, we can prove them wrong, because the law—backed by our in-depth research on your behalf—is on our side. Additionally, we can show you how to properly report costs from your asset ledger. Simply put, you are paying too much if you report all your asset ledger costs, as some may be false assets. One of our first steps is performing a complimentary personal property evaluation. In the course of these evaluations, we can quickly determine if we can help you save money.

If there is an opportunity to lower your taxes, we will provide a listing of those assets on which we believe we can help you achieve reductions. We’ll then perform thorough research on your business’ personal property, then factor in economic obsolescence, functional obsolescence and property classification. Additionally, we will screen for false assets that should not be reported. Upon completion of that work, Murphy then takes the extra step of reviewing relevant court decisions, laws and statutes that concern intangible assets so that you can be confident you are maximizing your tax reductions.

We don’t get paid until you save
Unlike other consultants and attorneys, at Murphy Property Tax Consultants, “we put our money where our mouth is.” (And we put your money back into your pocket!) As a contingency-based firm, we are continually obligated to produce results for our customers. And that means:
• No lengthy engagements based on a high hourly rate.
• We do virtually all of the work and bear all of the risk.
• When you choose Murphy, you get expertise, action—and risk-free results!

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