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Because Commercial Property Taxes don't have to be so taxing.

Let’s face it—nobody likes paying taxes. Unfortunately, many businesses needlessly waste precious capital on taxes they never should have paid.

That’s where Murphy Property Tax Consulting comes in. Our sole focus is to help companies like yours reduce their tax burden by effectively appealing property tax assessments. We’ve helped a multitude of clients save hundreds of thousands of dollars! In fact, we’ve reduced property taxes anywhere from 15% to 50%! And it gets better…

You don’t pay us a dime unless we are able to save you money.

Unlike other consultants and attorneys, at Murphy Property Tax Consulting, we put our money where our mouth is. (And we put your money back into your pocket!) We are continually obligated to produce results for our customers. There are no lengthy engagements based on a high hourly rate. We do virtually all of the work and bear all of the risk. When you choose us, you get expertise, action—and risk-free results!


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